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How to Make Vinegar with Natural Mother of Vinegar Culture?


Making vinegar can be rewarding, and you will enjoy the quality vinegar you make at home. The procedure for making vinegar will be to ferment the alcohol in wine into vinegar by acetobacter bacteria, Natural Mother of Vinegar culture.


Natural Mother of Vinegar Culture

How To Make Your Own Vinegar with Natural Mother of Vinegar Culture?


Main Ingredient: 7 oz bottle of Natural Mother of Vinegar Cultures.

Basic equipment, ingredients and instructions for making vinegar: 1 gallon wide mouth glass jar, cotton or muslin towel, 1 bottle vinegar culture, 16 oz of your favorite wine and 8 oz of water.

Method: Empty the wine and water into the glass jug and pour in the vinegar culture, stir and cover with a clean cotton towel or cheese cloth on to the mouth of glass jug. Let it stand in a warm place between 80F - 90F. Air is required in the conversion process! Complete conversion to vinegar is achieved in about 2-3 months. Save some of the converted vinegar as a culture for the next batch. Excellent homemade vinegar!




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