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PORCELAIN TEAPOTS: Our supplier knows how to make porcelain! He should, porcelain has been made in China for more than 2000 years! Porcelain is made by heating refined materials in a kiln at temperatures up to 2,552 degree F. The toughness, strength, and translucence of porcelain arise mainly from the formation at these high temperatures of glass and the mineral mullite within the fired body. Established in 1952, B.I.A. Cordon Bleu is a leading manufacturer of porcelain and stoneware serving accessories, bakeware and dinnerware. With classic and contemporary shapes, as well as unique glazes, hand painted patterns and designs, B.I.A. Cordon Bleu continues the tradition of providing timeless, quality merchandise at affordable prices.

STONEWARE TEAPOTS: Hand-Crafted Stoneware Teapot. The uncomplicated beauty of classic design is presented in the Joyce Chen collections. These simple, yet elegant stoneware pieces are available in a choice of matte black, white or Terra Cotta.
CERAMIC TEA KETTLE: Stovetop Ceramic Tea Kettle with Bamboo Handle - Flameproof, suitable for gas or electric burners. A non-reactive matte glaze in sage green color. Heat resistant natural bamboo handle.

GLASS TEA POTS: Glass Teapots from the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. Exquisite glass made from premium silica can withstand direct flame and heat of 450 degree F. Classic teapot design - the ultimate in teapots that is destined to be a favorite! This beautiful glass teapot adds flair and style to entertaining. It allows one to observe the tea leaves uncurl and see the color of the infusing tea forming slowly and gently. Teapot includes a glass infuser for use with even the finest leaf tea! The glass teapot is also great with Artisan teas! The glass teapot is dishwasher and microwave safe. As with all glass products, hand washing and drying is recommended to prevent development of water spots over time.

CARING FOR YOUR GLASS TEAPOT: This is a quality Simax product. Wash the glassware before using the first time. Handle with care. Observe the following important precautions prior to using your new glass teapot. When using glassware, always warm up and cool down gradually. Do not put the teapot on a heat source straight from a cold environment. Do not place an empty glass teapot directly on a heat source. Do not place a hot glass teapot on a cold or wet surface as glass can crack due to the effect of rapid cooling. The glass teapot can be washed in an automatic dishwasher using common washing products. However, to prevent pitting and permanent watermarks, hand washing is recommended. Dry thoroughly to prevent water spots. If teapot becomes heavily soiled, remove with a non-abrasive washing product. Never use a coarse cleaning product (e.g., scouring powder or a scouring sponge) that will scratch the glass surface. Do not place the glass teapot on a heat source larger than the base of the teapot to prevent damaging to the handle by radiant heat. The transparency of the glass will make it possible for you to observe the tea uncurl during the steeping process. Both the packaging box and the glass are made of recyclable, ecological materials.

TETSUBIN CAST IRON TEAPOT: For your brewing pleasure, tea and high style have always gone hand in hand. Elevate your tea enjoyment with these Tetsubin (cast iron) teapots. Today's Tetsubin (Cast Iron) teapots, with their fine raised relief designs, are admired and collected, not only for their quiet delicacy, but also for their ability to brew a perfect cup of tea. Each hand cast iron teapot is finished with a porcelain enamel interior and comes with a replaceable stainless steel mesh infuser. Made in China and Japan according to the exacting specifications of a Japanese Tea Master. Beautifully constructed of Premium Cast Iron - a true heirloom teapot. Brews fabulous tea. Chinese Zodiac Tetsubin (Cast Iron) Tea Pot Series by Helen Chen of Joyce Chen Products personally works with Japanese artists to create a new commemorative Tetsubin Teapot to celebrate and greet each Chinese New Year. The Chinese believe the animal ruling the year in which a person is born has a profound influence on personality, saying, "This is the animal that hides in your heart". An exclusive Joyce Chen collection! Today's Japanese Tetsubin (Cast Iron) teapots, with their fine raised relief designs, are admired and collected, not only for their quiet delicacy, but also for their ability to brew a perfect cup of tea. Each hand cast iron teapot is finished with a porcelain enamel interior and comes with a replaceable stainless steel mesh infuser.

STAINLESS STEEL TEAPOT: Made of very durable 18/8 stainless steel. Designed for loose tea and accurate drip free pouring.

PAINTED LADIES TEAPOT: have a baked enamel finish and all the benefits of the Henley teapot. Loose tea basket, drip-free spout are made from 18/8 stainless steel.

MOULIN ROUGE TEACUP: Ooh la la! The Moulin Rouge Teacup feature a durable baked enamel finish coating over 18/8 stainless steel. Each comes complete with its own rubber-wood saucer made from recycled wood collected on rubber plantations.

HENLEY INSULATED STEEL TEA CUPS: These double walled cups with saucer keep your tea at the perfect temperature and table looking like a million bucks.
HENLEY TEAPOT: 18/8 Stainless Steel. Matte Finish Drip-less Teapots. See what all the fuss is about! Get fashion and function with the stylish, drip-less teapots. What’s more, trendy steel matte finish won’t show fingerprints and each teapot comes with a built-in mesh infuser basket.
DARTMOOR TEAPOT: Another teapot that knows how to handle loose tea. Each teapot has a built-in mesh strainer that traps even the smallest leaves. Why bother with expensive non –biodegradeable nylon teabags when the Dartmoor teapot is around? Rugged design is perfect for food service.

KYOTO TEA CLUB SHIMODA TEAPOT: The Kyoto Tea Club teapot was inspired by the global climate change initiative of the 90’s. The teapot is made from food safe 18/8 stainless steel, is re-useable (virtually a lifetime teapot actually), excels at using loose tea and pours beautifully.

GLASS JAR: Conventional wisdom maintains that tea should be stored in tins. Well, we’re conventional – up to a point. Current wisdom says that tea stored in beautiful Italian airtight glass jars can help. Tins or jars? Yin or Yang. Either way, loose teas are hot.

TEA INFUSER: Tea Infusers, legend has it that tea infusers were popularized by the Dutch sometime during the early 1800s. Prior to those days, loose tea was simply brewed, well, loose. (Infusers are more fun!) A bag of loose tea and an infuser makes a great gift. Plus! These tea infusers are made of durable stainless steel. Mesh ball infusers are ideally suited for use in teapots or pitchers to make sun tea. The long handled infusers are often used by those wanting only a single cup of tea. Just remember... do not overfill the infuser; for best result, fill the infuser half full giving the tea room to expand. Remove promptly when the tea has steeped to desired strength. Over 25 choices to choose from.

Long Handled Infusers and Strainers are it: Their size makes them stand out and their unique shapes make them memorable. People tell us they love them!

Reusable Mesh Tea Infusers are an easy way to brew loose teas.

Disposable t-sac Loose Tea Filters: Luxury loose teas with the convenience of tea bags? Now you can have your tea and brew it too. t-sac tea filter paper is made of wood cellulose and cellulose from Manila fiber. For only the finest fiber is selected from the Philippines and Ecuador to ensure an extremely high strength of paper. One square meter of tea filter paper only weighs approximately 16 grams which is considerably lighter and finer than coffee filter paper. This means that production and processing of this tea filter require very high technical standards. Only high quality paper is used in this filter production. Completely different filters are required for tea (vs. coffee) due to the delicate nature of the tea beverage. Made in Germany.
Tin Caddy: These round tin caddies with Gavarst Lid (Approx Size: 3" diameter x 5 1/4" Tall) will hold 100 grams or approximately 4 oz of most teas. These tin caddies have preprinted instructions on How to make a perfect cup of Tea on the bottom explaining hot and cold tea preparation.

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