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Barkingside Co. established in Minnesota in 1994 as a Homebrew and Winemaking Supply store and within a couple years after, added tea to the product line and have grown to offering over 139 varieties. Green Tea, Estate or Black Teas, Decaffeinated Teas and Organic Tea in addition to homebrew and wine making supply. These teas are selected from more than 16 countries for our South Minneapolis residents and beyond. Take your time to experience all teas by region, country or by type of tea you interested in! Our loose leaf teas are evaluated and taste tested before they become available at our store in convenient 2 and 4 oz vacuumed sealed packages.


Green, Oolong and Estate Black teas come from the same plant. Green tea is steamed and then dried after plucking and retains a lighter color and flavor with light body. Green tea does not go through a fermentation process. Oolong tea undergoes partial fermentation. Oolong tea has a delicate aroma. Black tea is allowed to wither and ferment before drying, resulting in a darker leaf color and a more pronounced flavor and aroma.

Black Tea from Africa, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Sikkim and Sri Lanka are from specific tea estates or gardens. Think of these teas as a varietal - not unlike a specific wine. Our importer travels extensively to these producing regions annually, just to make certain that the teas we receive and provide to our customers meet their and our standards. There are many varieties of teas available on the market. We carry over a hundred varieties of Artisan, Green, Oolong, Black, Herbal, Blended and Flavored loose leaf teas. Great Selections of Organic tea and Decaffeinated Tea are grown and imported from Africa, Ceylon, India and China. Teapots, Tea Infusers and Tea Accessories are also available.

The ideal time for drinking tea is anytime of the day and night! Black tea is ideal in the early morning, breakfast time and all through the day. Oolong and green teas are suited to the after dinner hours. But why not enjoy a pleasing healthy cup of tea any moment you think is right for that favorite special tea!!


All teas from Barkingside Co. including Lumbini and Japanese Sencha are packaged in vacuum sealed bags.
Barkingside Co.'s  TEAS are packaged in special oxygen barrier bags and vacuum sealed for freshness. After opening bag keep it in an airtight, opaque canister on the counter or in the cupboard. If using glass jar, store it away from light source.

Approximate Number of Servings:

Serving Size for Loose Leaf Teas: 1/2 to 1 tsp per 5 to 8 oz. cup
No. of Servings per 1 oz. of Tea: Approximately 13 to 26

No. of tea bag servings equivalent per 1 oz. of Loose Leaf Tea:

1 oz. of Loose Leaf Green Tea = Approx. 13 to 17 tea bag servings
1 oz. of Loose Leaf Black Tea = Approx. 13 to 15 tea bag servings

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