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Rainbow Flavor Soft drink Extract for Homemade Soda


 Rainbow Flavor Soft Drink Extract for Homemade Soda 

The making of soft drink with Rainbow Flavor Extract Rainbow Flavor Extract includes Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale and Cream Soda. Pasture Champagne yeast or Lalvin EC1118 yeast and Sugar are also needed in the making of this great family soft drink. The amount of ingredient use to make rainbow flavor soft drink varies according to one's taste.

Measure and Sprinkle 1/8 teaspoon dry yeast (Red Star Champagne or Lallemand EC118 Wine yeast preferred) in 6 oz of warm water (98°F). Let stand for approximately 10 minutes then stir gently and thoroughly to dissolve. Next, mix 2-1/4 cups of sugar and 1 tablespoon of soda extract in 1 gallon container of lukewarm water (filtered water preferred). Mix until sugar is completely dissolved, then add yeast mixture stirring well. Pour 1/2 of this mixture in each 2 liter soda bottle (2 x 2-liter plastic bottle required) and top off each one with filtered water to within 1 1/2 to 2 inches of top. Attach resealable cap and shake well. Store bottles at room temperature approximately 75°F for 4 to 6 days. You can tell by the firmness of the bottle how your carbonation is coming along. After 4 to 6 days store in cooler, dark place for another week of aging. Aging improves flavor. As natural carbonation takes place, a slight yeast deposit will form on the bottom of the bottle. When serving pour carefully as to leave most of the yeast deposit. This is not harmful in any way, but sometimes gives an off flavor. Refrigerate 48 hours before opening.




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