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7519 Crosby and Baker C BRITE, 1lb Jar
7519   Crosby and Baker C BRITE, 1lb Jar
An EPA approved, chlorine based powderized cleanser. C-Brite can be used in dairies, hospitals, breweries, and food processing plants. It is particularly effective on surfaces which contact food. It is recommended for use on hard (non-porous) surfaces or on dishes, glasses, food processing equipment or utensils including dairy and brewery equipment or utensils that need a strong cleaning treatment. This material is very effective on table tops, tanks, vats, floors, walls, dishes, glasses, metallic utensils and milkshake and soft serve machines. Direction for Use: Clean object with 2 ounces C-Brite per 2-1/2 gallons of water and rinse well with potable water. It may be necessary to remove gross filth and heavy soil from surface by a pre-scrape, pre-flush and where necessary, a pre-soak treatment. RInse all surfaces well with clean hot water. Drain and air dry.
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