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Our malted barley or malts are supply by the following malting companies. These maltsters include Briess Malting and Ingredient Co. of Wisconsin, Castle Malt of Belgium, Crisp Malting of England, Weyermanns of Germany, Dingemans of Belgium and Muntons of England. These malts are use in the making of BarkingBier Kits. Imported malts include Pale Ale, lager, Pilsen, Munich, Wheat, Vienna malt, Carapils, Caraveinne, Caramunich, Special B, Aromatic, Biscuit, Chocolate, Black Patent and Roasted Barley Unmalted. The Dingemans family has produced an extensive range of basic ingredients for the demanding Belgian and European brewer since 1875. All Muntons grain malts for the home beer making market are made from the finest two row English barley. Weyermann produces Germany's best malts. They have been at it longest, and have dedicated four generations (so far!) to the effort. Castle malt are malted in the time tested small batch method using the finest European barley. Crisp Malting Group is the UK's leading privately owned, independent maltster. For more than 125 years brewers have relied upon malts from Briess Malting and Ingredient Co. for superior brewhouse performance and consistent brews, batch after batch.


NOTE: Grains are packaged in vacuum sealed bag.






Today, as our ancestors did in the past, we benefit from Dingemans central geographical position of their malting house in the middle of the best barley-growing region, with France, Holland, England and Germany at their doorstep. In their kiln they make Pilsen, Ale, Munich, Amber and Aroma malt. In their roasting facility they caramelize barley and also roast wheat. The result is an outstanding line of brewers and specialty malts used not only in Pilsen type beers, but also in Trappist, Abbey and White beers.


The exacting specifications ensure that the home beer maker can achieve the best possible extract from the grains. Home scale brewing is unfortunately subject to wider fluctuations in brewing conditions than in commercial breweries. This demands the use of premium grade malt to avoid difficulties with this small scale brewing process. It has therefore been Muntons policy for many years not to supply anything other than top quality premium malts for home beer makers.


That kind of dedication to the art, and attention to detail is one of the true secrets to the superb quality of the Weyermann malts. Some of the others are obvious, such as purchase of only the best Bavarian brewing barleys, and a highly experienced and highly trained crew of maltsters. And, of course, some secrets remain secret, perceived only by their effect in producing world class malts. So, sometimes the most important ingredient in a product is never listed on the bag; 120 years of experience and family commitment to excellence. The Weyermann line of Bavarian-grown malts is derived mostly from two-row Alexis, Steffi, and Krona barley or from quality wheat or rye. Weyermann uses Saladin box germination.


Malterie Du Chateau produces a full line of brewer's and kilned specialty malts in the small village of Beloeil, Belgium. Brewers Supply Group is pleased to make available for the first time in North America the malts behind the greatest beers made in Belgium.



The company's largest Maltings at Great Ryburgh incorporates all the benefits that modern technology has brought to the industry but still leaves room for growth. Automatic processes, advanced materials and innovative design features all contribute to a plant that combines the traditional concept of malt production in an environment fit for the 21st Century. In accord with our commitment to partnerships with our customers and their individual specialist requirements, Crisp retains the traditional method of Floor Malting, which is subject to the same stringent process and quality control monitoring as the modern plant.


Today, the Briess tradition continues as we carefully craft more than 50 varieties of base and specialty malts (more than any malting company in the world) as well as our own pure malt extracts, brewers flakes, filtering aids and natural malt colors. Briess operates the most unique and specialized malthouses in North America. Customized drying equipment at multiple locations enables the production of standard brewers malts along with a spectrum of specialty malts that range from light-colored, high temperature kilned base malts, to the darkest malt that can be produced: black malt. Briess malts are rich and flavorful, and shipped fresh from America's Heartland.





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