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Invert Sugar


Invert Sugar 


Dissolve 8 lbs of Table Sugar in 2 pints of water with ½ tsp citric acid. Bring it to a boil, stirring for half an hour. Add water to make up to 1 gallon batch. With this recipe, there is approx. 1 lb of sugar in each pint. Use 1-1/4 pints for each lb of Table Sugar called for in a recipe.

Invert Sugar is Table Sugar (Sucrose) that has been split into its components, Glucose and Fructose. With the use of Invert Sugar in wine and beermaking, the glucose is made immediately available for the yeast to use thus allowing the fermentation process to begin more quickly than if you use Table Sugar. With Table Sugar (Sucrose) the yeast will first have to split the Sucrose into Glucose and Fructose before it can use the Glucose in the fermentation process.





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