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Make Alcohol using Liquor Quik Super Yeast (item 2319) or a distillers yeast and Liquor Quik Essence for your favorite liqueur - No distillation needed!

Make Alcohol using Liquor Quik Super Yeast (item 2319) or a distillers yeast, Heat Wave (Item 2344) - No distillation needed!


7.9 gallon (30 L) Liter bucket & cover



Plastic mixing spoon or paddle

Always clean and rinse all of your equipment and before use with an appropriate Metabisulphite sterilizer (Sodium or Potassium Metabisulphite)


Decide the alcohol strength of the alcohol base you want to produce. See the fermentation table below. ASSEMBLE basic fermenting equipment and up to 17.5 lbs (8 Kg) of granulated sugar. Use only plastic food grade items: 7.9 USG (30L) pail, mixing spoon, thermometer and hydrometer (optional). Sterilize all equipment with a sterilizing solution such as sodium metabisulphite or OXY-SAN™. Add the granulated sugar to 5.5 US Gallons (21L) of warm water (95°F/35°) until all sugar dissolves. Add the Liquor Quik Super Yeast (distillers yeast) pouch contents into the solution and stir for one minute.

Ferment between 70-80° (21-27°C) air temperature for the desired time or until the Specific Gravity drops below 0.992. For best results keep the temperature constant and aerate the alcohol base daily. Use a BREW BELT, if necessary (if you are making it in the winter), to keep the temperature constant. Do not allow the temperature to rise above 90°F (32°C) otherwise fermentation may cease.

Clearing - Due to the special yeast strain used, the alcohol base will not clear naturally. Super-Kleer K.C.™ (See Super-Kleer K.C.™) finings will remove most of the haze. FILTER the alcohol base using a wine filter such as the EuroFilter™, gravity filter or a mini filter jet. To make homemade liquors, it is recommended to use charcoal filter pads or activated carbon to remove any remaining unwanted volatiles. The alcohol base may then be stored in a carboy for up to one month. For longer storage, we recommend the use of Anti-Oxidant Solution. Such as VINTNER'S Anti-Oxidant Solution (We stock only Sodium metalbisulphite, Ascorbic acid separately) is a pre-mixed pouch of ascorbic acid, sulphite and distilled water. The product addresses the need for home winemakers to quickly and effectively minimize oxidation at wine rackings and filtering. It will also permit a longer storage time for bottled wines and beers. Cat No. 13409 - 30 mL (1 fl. oz.)

Flavor the finished alcohol with your favorite liqueur or liquor extract. For best results use LIQUOR QUIK™ brand, 100% natural essences. To make a quick party punch, add the finished alcohol directly into your favorite mixture of soda and/or fruit juices.


Ingredients in the Super Yeast packet: High Alcohol Distiller's Yeast; Diammonium Phosphate; Yeast Nutrients; Trace vitamins and minerals.

To Produce More Than 20 percent Alcohol:

HEAT DISTILL by running the mash through a reflux type still or countertop water distiller (e.g. Sears). Charcoal filter before adding flavoring extracts.

FREEZER DISTILL by placing 1.8 L (½ U.S. gallon) of filtered mash into a 2-liter ice cream container. Place the container in the freezer for 6-8 hours. Remove the container and place the contents in a fine-mesh stainless steel or plastic strainer. Allow the liquid to drip through the strainer into a bowl. Discard the unwanted ice.

Fermentation Table:

Sugar/Sucrose Time/Temps Alc.Vol/Alcool

11 lb / 5Kg 1 day/jour 12%

13 lb / 6 Kg 2 days/jours 14%

15.5 lb / 7 Kg 3-4 days/jours 17%

17.5 lb / 8 Kg 5-7 days/jours 20%


1. The Super Yeast will not clear - In the event that the mash will not clear naturally, we recommend the addition of Super-Kleer KC or similar product

2. There is a 'yeasty taste' in the finished product - To remove the 'yeasty taste' we recommend filtering using charcoal filter pads and the EuroFilter (Culligan/Brita Pitcher filter will do, 1 filter cartridge will be more than enough to filter 6.5 gallon of fermented alcohol, we do not stock this item yet)

3.The specific gravity will not reach 0.990 - A. The mixture was erroneously mixed; too little water or too much sugar. B. The ambient room temperature or liquid temperature is too hot (above 35°C-95°F) or too cold (below 21°C-70°F) or too inconsistent (i.e. fluctuates too much). Use of The BrewBelt is highly recommended in cold climate brewing conditions to solve this problem.


Liquor Quik Super Yeast, item 2319

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Alcotec 24 hours turbo super yeast

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