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BarkingBier™ All-Grain Beer Kit with extract from Barkingside Co. is made to order and is worth the 4 weeks wait! 


BarkingBier™ All-Grain Beer Kit with extract from Barkingside Co. is made to order and is worth the 4 weeks wait!

--Allow 4 weeks for mail-order delivery or pick-up. Pre-order and Pre-paid Only--


The first step to becoming an all-grain brewer begins with our popular BarkingBier Kit. It requires no fancy brewing equipment, just great ingredients and simple to follow instructions to start off your first batch. Our BarkingBier Ingredient Kit follows closely to the old German Beer Purity law, or Reinheitsgebot where the only ingredients used are Malted Barley and Malted Barley Extract, Hops, Filtered Water and Yeast and Irish Moss for fining. No adjunct or corn sugar!


The one beer kit that get extract and partial mash brewer started in all-grain brewing!


Barkingside Co. brings you a unique range of 15 all grain beer kits for brewing at home. Clone beer kits include BarkingBier Lager and Ale Kits, Saint Rogue Red Ale, Two Hearted Ale, Orval Trappist Ale, Warsteiner Premium Verum, Mueller Wheat, Yukon Red, Easy Street Wheat and Terrapin Rye Pale Ale. These BarkingBier™ all-grain beer kit with extract clones require no grinding of the grains; the hard part, which is the grinding, is already taken care of. Just follow our simple instructions, mash and boil! Our beer kits include brewing instructions that are easy to follow. These kits are made specifically for the homebrewer who enjoys brewing in the convenience of your own kitchen. These all-grain kits require mashing with no complicated and bulky all grain brewing equipment other than your standard kitchen stove in addition to the equipment we have listed below. These ingredient beer kits are perfect for elementary, intermediate and advanced brewers. Whether you are a brewer who has never made a batch of beer before or a more experienced brewer who would like to get a taste of all-grain brewing, these kits are made just for you in mind. Malted grains and extract are from U.K., Belgium,Germany and the US of A. Premium hops (depending on the style, there are between 2 to 4 oz of hops included in each kit) are used for bittering, flavoring and finishing to produce beers similar to famous international beer styles and tastes. No adjunct grains, etc. are use in our BarkingBier Kits, the only ingredients used for the brewing of BarkingBier are premium malted barley, malt extract, hops, yeast and your own filtered water.

INGREDIENTS in the BarkingBier Kit includes as required per recipe: Malted Barley Grain, Liquid Malt Extract, Dry Malt Extract, Hops, Yeast, Priming Sugar (uses dry malt extract instead of the usual corn sugar for priming) and Instructions for a 5 gallon batch. Approximate weights of these ale kits vary from 8.4-14.1 lbs and lager kits vary from 8.1-12.5 lbs.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT (not included): Stainless Steel or Enamel Pot (3 and 4 gallon minimum capacity unless otherwise specified), 8-10 inch diameter Mesh Strainer, Rubber Spatula, 8-12 inch Funnel (if fermenting in carboy), 6 gallon minimum capacity Fermenter, Airlock, Syphon Kit, Hydrometer, Thermometer, Bottle Brush, Cleanser/Sterilizer, 5 gallon Bottling Bucket or Fermenter, 48-53 Beer Bottles, Crown Caps, Bottle Capper. A complete sample of the instructions for the Two Hearted Ale - A clone! is as listed below:



All-Grain Kit with Extract

TWO HEARTED ALE – A clone! (IPA Style)

Belgium malts and enormous centennial hop additions give this beer a crisp finish and an incredible floral hop aroma.


Approx. Typical Analysis by Computation

S.G. ~1.062; F.G. ~1.016; Alc by Vol. ~6.0%

BYO Typical Analysis
S.G. ~1.058; F.G. ~1.012;   Bitterness (IBU) ~56

Color SRM ~8         Alcohol by Vol. (Wt) ~5.9%



Liquid Malt Extract

Dry Malt Extract

4 & 5 gal. stainless steel or enamel pot (4 gal. pot for steeping & 5 gal.- main brewing pot)

Crushed Mixed Grain

Strainer (min. 6" dia.) & Rubber Spatula

Boiling Hops

6-7.9 gal. primary fermenter with airlock

1st Flavoring Hops

Syphon System

2nd Flavoring Hops

Hydrometer & Thermometer

Finishing Hops

Bottle Brush


Cleanser & Sterilizer


5-6 gal. Bottling Bucket or Fermenter

Priming Sugar

53 x 12 oz. Beer Bottles (returnables only)

Hop Boiling Bag

Bottle Crown Capper


METHOD: (Read entire instructions prior to start of brewing)


1. Clean and sterilize all equipment.


2. Add the bag of crushed mixed grain into 2¼ gallon of filtered water and bring the temperature up slowly and gradually to 152°F. Turn off the heat, cover, and let the crushed mixed grain steep for 60 minutes. Maintain 152°F during the steeping process. Strain the liquid into your 5 gal. main brewpot. Fill the pot of strained grain with 1½ gallon of 160°F filtered water and stir the mixture. Strain liquid from the 1½ gallon water/grain mixture into the main brewing pot and discard the grain. (Remove the grain & husk as much as you can.)


3. Add Dry Malt Extract, stir until dissolved. Next add Liquid Malt Extract into the main brewpot and bring the above liquid mixture (wort) to a gentle boil. When boiling begins, add Boiling Hops and gently boil for 30 minutes. Next, add 1st Flavoring Hops and gently boil for 15 minutes. Add 2nd Flavoring Hops and boil for another 15 minutes. Add Finings and continue the gentle boil for a final 15 minutes.  (Side Step: Wash hop boiling bag (included in kit) by hand in tap water only and place empty hop boiling bag for 1 minute in a pint of hot water that was brought to a boil. Remove and blot dry with a clean paper towel. Place Finishing Hop inside hop boiling bag and tie a knot at the open end to seal and set aside for later use.) Turn off heat and remove the hops as much as you can with a strainer and rubber spatula. (Watch out for boil-overs.)

4. With the heat turn off, place the sealed hop boiling bag into the hot wort, stir 1 minute and cool the wort in the main brewing pot down to 75°F (±3°F) with a wortchiller or place the main brewing pot with the lid on in a tub of ice-cold water. Immediately pour the wort (including the hop boiling bag, leave hop boiling bag in fermenter throughout the primary fermentation stage. Discard hop boiling bag at end of primary fermentation.) into a 6-7.9 gallon primary fermenter and top it off with 75°F (±3°F) water to reach 5 gallons.


5. Take your starting specific gravity reading. Pitch in the dry yeast (liquid yeast user: read BREWING TIPS below) and stir to mix for 30 seconds.  Seal the fermenter with lid and fermentation lock and allow to ferment at constant room temperature of approximately 72°F (±3°F).  Fermentation will begin 24-48 hours & will continue for approximately 11 days. (The higher the temperature the shorter the fermentation process and vice versa.)  Bottle when the Finishing Specific Gravity is ~1.016 and/or remains steady for 2 to 3 consecutive days or when apparent foaming recedes. Your beer is ready to bottle.


6. Sterilize bottles (use only returnable bottles, no twist-off cap bottles) and rinse thoroughly.


7. Syphon fermented beer (leaving sediments behind) into another fermenter or bottling bucket.  Heat the Priming Sugar (enough for 5 gallon batch only) in 1-pint of water for 5 minutes. Pour the Priming Sugar syrup into the bottling bucket (or fermenter). Stir gently and thoroughly. Boil the crown caps with water for 5 minutes.


8. Syphon beer into sterilized bottle. Fill to 1-1½" from the bottle top and immediately cap bottles.  Store the bottles upright in bottle case at approximately 72°F (±3°F) for 7 days.  Beer will continue to improve with further aging of 1½ – 2 months at 50-55°F. The beer is now ready for your enjoyment. The beer is best when served chilled.  Uncap a bottle and pour gently and continuously into your glass and leave any sediments behind.




 BREWING TIPS (Recommended but not necessary):



I. If liquid malt extract is frozen, thaw overnight at room temperature before use. If dried brewing yeast is frozen, allow to sit at room temperature for approximately 15-20 minutes before use.


II. Use filtered water (not distilled water) for brewing.


III. Temperature can be monitored by adhering a self adhesive liquid crystal thermometer strip to the outside of the fermenter in step 4.


IV. Two Stage Fermentation Method: Instead of bottling your beer after the primary fermentation, rack or siphon  into secondary (5 gallon glass carboy) leaving sediment behind and allow the beer to finish fermenting and yeast to settle in secondary fermenter for 3 weeks before carrying out the bottling stage.


V. Conduct your primary and secondary fermentation away from indoor and outdoor lights.


VI. Priming for brewers who only have a Primary Fermenter: A less desirable method of carbonating the beer will be to add ¾ level tsp. of priming sugar to each 12oz bottle of fermented beer prior to capping.


VII. Allow to age for 1½ - 2 months before drinking at 50-55°F. To truly enjoy and appreciate Two Hearted Ale – A clone!, age this beauty for 2 - 3 months. Store your bottled beer below 70°F.


VIII. Liquid yeast users: Allow ample time for yeast culture to incubate before pitching. (When starting a yeast culture follow instructions on the liquid yeast package.)

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