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Includes: Premium 3.5 gal. Screw Top Fermenter/Bottling Bucket with gasketed lid (5118S), Spigot (8102), 3 gal. Glass Carboy (5503), Buon Vino 3-piece Airlock (4001), # 6 1/2 Stopper (4404), 18? Spoon (4509), 2 qty Liquid Crystal Thermometer Strip (5821), Hydrometer (5808), Deluxe Test Cylinder (5878), Wine and Beer Thief 12? Glass (5859), 13 qty of Tasting Cork, Plastic (3772), Bottle Brush (3401), Carboy Brush (3402), Auto Siphon (4723), 6' and 2? 5/16" Syphon Tubing (4703), Bottle filler - Non spring (4707), One Step Cleanser 2oz (75102) + 1 packet wine yeast. This simple and easy 2.5 GALLON WINEMAKING KIT will produce approximately 2.5 gallons or 12-13 bottles of great tasting wine with an alcohol content of 12-14% such as merlot, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir and many more. Don?t put it off after getting this winemaking kit as it only takes less than 1/2 hour from mixing to pitching in the yeast, is simple and easy and all you do after that is sit back and relax with a glass of homemade wine. With this kit, you will learn to make wine without using additives, sulphites, etc. The only ingredients needed are wine grape concentrate, filtered water and wine yeast. Start making and you will never step into a liquor store for wine again. PRODUCT INFORMATION: Once you are familiar with making your 1st wine with this simple winemaking system, there will be a wide range of other wine such as gewurztraminer, piesporter, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc all available on our website at www.barkingside.com. You and your family will enjoy making and drinking homemade wine for years to come without the addition of additives and sulphites, just grape juice concentrate, water and wine yeast.
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