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1137M BierMaster Beermaking Equipment KIT SCREWTOP
1137M BierMaster Beermaking Equipment KIT SCREWTOP
Includes: 6.5 gal. Screw Top Fermenter (5104S), 6.5 Drilled Rubber Stopper(4404), Bottling Bucket (5122), Premium Italian Spigot (8102), Buon Vino 3-piece Airlock (4001), Bottle Brush (3401), Curved 24" Syphon (4711), 6' AND 2 5/16" Syphon Tubing (4703), Bottle filler - Non spring (4707), Shut-off Clamp (4715), Liquid Crystal Thermometer Strip (5821), Hydrometer (5808), Deluxe Test Cylinder (5878), 60 Crown Caps (3801), One Step Cleanser, 2oz (75102) & Red Baron (Emily) Capper (3509) ADDITIONAL PRODUCT INFORMATION: As compared to other equipment kits, this one is user friendly. The premium screw top lid that comes with this fermenter allow easy opening and resealing. Easy on the hands and fingers! It has a unique trigger mechanism that automatically locks the lid when closing, and has a simple finger-activated release to allow the lid to be opened. Does not require a pail opening tool to open and reseal the pail as compared to old kits in the past that include a rigid lid which can be painful to open back up. This home brewing kit is designed for 3, 5 or 6 gal batch of beer and has a standard siphoning system to transfer beer from one fermenter to another fermenter, bottling bucket or bottle. Instructions are included and are geared toward making beer by Muntons, Coopers, Mountmellick, partial mash and also all grain kits. To complete this kit as a gift or for yourself, include a beer kit by Muntons, Coopers or Mountmellick and a 3lb bag of dried malt extract This beer kits are convenient. You will make an excellent all malt import beer you and your family and friends will enjoy. Our new equipment kits are truly a joy to brew your favorite beer batch after batch after batch...... And if, after a couple batches of homebrew beer with your single stage equipment kit, you decide to make a clearer, smoother and cleaner tasting beer, you can transform your single stage to a Two Stage process by just acquiring a 5 or 6 gallon glass carboy and a carboy brush. You can actually ferment 2 batches of beer at the same time with this versatile brewing kit after you acquire a glass carboy. We make it simple to upgrade without making any parts redundant. Easy on your hands and fingers especially with the included premium screwtop fermenter. We make brewing easy!!
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