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T1075   WINDSOR CASTLE, 4 oz.
Light bodied cup with good flavor and hint of muscatel. West of London is the stately Windsor Castle - a home of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. The castle is situated on a hill overlooking the countryside and dominating the skyline of the City of Windsor. When the Queen (or King) is resident at the castle, the royal standard is flown from the masthead of the main tower. In 1993 there was a disastrous fire at Windsor Castle, destroying generations of royal collections, paintings and significant parts of the historic monument. The queen undertook repairs and restoration of the castle and in 1997, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary here with a state dinner; giving the world its first view of the restoration. dTo commemorate this gala evening a special tea was served. The tea had to exhibit the following characteristics: - unique and somewhat rare (The Darjeeling is a 2nd flush, only available in limited quantities during 2 weeks in June.); stout and resilient as the monarchy (The Assam is a full bodied and full flavored tea with a delicious maltiness.); golden color to signify the nature of the monarchy (The Kenya gives a golden coppery character and the Assam adds depth to this color.); flavory to enchant the guests (The Darjeeling is light muscatel flavory; the Kenya has seasonal (February production) almost flowery like flavor, and the Assam has a deep malty character.); historical to commemorate Windsor Castle (All the teas are grown in areas that once were part of The British Empire); a new blend to acknowledge the rebuilding and restoration of Windsor Castle (This blend was put together specially to commemorate this occasion.) (Grade: OP)
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