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Home Brewing, Winemaking and Tea since 1994 and Coffee! Goodness of Homebrew Beer, Wine, Tea and Coffee


Home Brewing, Winemaking and Tea since 1994 and Coffee! Goodness of Homebrew Beer, Wine, Tea and Coffee.

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Winexpert, Love your wine!
Pre-Order Winexpert Wine Kit Series

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Just about every ingredient you need is in this kit and come directly to our store from the manufacturer/importer!

Vol.21 No.2

The Year 2015 changes everything!

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Both our BierMaster Brewing and

VinMaster Winemaking Kit features a premium ScrewTop that require no costly opening tool. "Just Twist and Turn", Safe and Easy on your hands and fingers!! Just Twist and Turn!


Premium 2.5 Gallon Glass Jar with Solid Stainless Steel Spigot



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The one and only BarkingBier All-grain Beer kit - The one that get extract and partial mash beer kit brewer started in all-grain brewing

Natural Mother of Vinegar for White or Red wine.

 Munton's Dried Malt Extract

Briess Pilsen Liquid Malt Extract in 3lb Jug

Corn sugar, priming sugar and dextrose available in 5 oz, 1 lb, 3 lbs or 7 lbs bag size.



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